~ ÅSBACKA Center for Shamanic Healing ~


Åsbacka is a course centre run by Jonathan Horwitz and Zara Waldebäck. We hold workshops in shamanism and offer personal healing retreats and Sitting Out, as well as shamanic guidance and mentoring.

Åsbacka is in southern Sweden, in the forests of Hallandsåsen in north-west Skåne. It is 2hrs north of Copenhagen airport, and 2hrs south of Gothenburg. For a map click here

In 2014, workshops at Åsbacka include •• Shamanic Practice Weekends •• Shamanic Counselling 1 •• Earth Circle group •• one-off Mentoring Retreats & Healing Ceremonies ••

For full information about these courses and others, visit the Scandinavian Center for Shamanic Studies website: www.shamanism.dk

** Åsbacka supports the International Shamanic Community - www.shamaniccommunity.org **

- this website is under development and more will be available soon -